TWICE’s Jeongyeon gives NMIXX the most memorable support, as revealed by Sullyoon

NMIXX members constantly mention TWICE when asked about the senior group that cheers them on the most. 

On the March 6 broadcast of SBS’s Inkigayo, rookie girl group NMIXX had an interview with the MCs to introduce their debut album.

When one of the MCs, TREASURE’s Jihoon asked, “As the youngest JYP group, you must have been receiving much encouragement and support from your seniors. Which support is the most memorable?”, member Sullyoon answered: 

“Jeongyeon sunbaenim told us that she has been watching many of our videos and she is also supporting us a lot. I think that’s the most memorable encouragement. Jeongyeon sunbaenim, thank you and we love you.”

Other members of NMIXX also expressed their gratitude for Jeongyeon‘s encouragement for her juniors.

This is not the first time NMIXX mentioned TWICE. Earlier on the February 23 broadcast of Weekly Idol, NMIXX revealed that TWICE has been helping them ever since they were trainees. A member even received a handwritten letter from TWICE

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