TWICE’s Jeongyeon, CL and HyunA clap back at body shaming with impressive weight loss transformations

In the Kpop industry where great emphasis is put on visuals, the weight change of Kpop idols has always been paid special attention to by netizens.

Kpop is inherently an industry that focuses on how singers look as much as how they sound. An idol with a pretty and eye-catching appearance always makes a strong impression on fans. Most visual members become the “fan attractors” of their groups. Therefore, entertainment companies always set strict rules in maintaining their idols’ weights and make sure they are in accordance with the strict standards of Korean netizens.

If one day, your idol unexpectedly showed up with a drastic weight gain and became the target of anti-fans’ malicious comments and body shaming, how would you react?


CL is known as the member with the curviest body in 2NE1. However, the former 2NE1’s leader once made netizens extremely shocked with her drastic change in appearance back in August 2018, after she gained 15kg. 

CL’s toned and sexy figure on stage

At the time when netizens expressed their concern over CL, her management company YG revealed that the reason CL gained weight was because she was not doing promotions, and changing her diet. When appearing at events or on stage, CL could not help but deal with the comments that focus on her appearance.

CL’s surprising image due to weight gain in 2018
A fit CL on stage was no longer seen 
투애니원 씨엘(CL)이 20일 오후 서울 논현동 한 매장에서 열린 포토 행사에 참석하고 있다. 2019.8.20./뉴스1
Despite wearing a full black outfit, CL’s change of appearance was still noticeable 

Not long after being taken aback by CL’s weight gain, netizens are once again surprised by CL’s impressive weight loss transformation. Only 2 months later, CL appeared looking even slimmer than before she put on some weight. Many netizens were curious about the female idol’s diet regimen and how she managed to lose weight so rapidly. She must have gone through rigorous weight management to get back in shape.

CL in 2020
CL became slim again after only 2 months
In the comeback with Spicy in 2021, CL continued to show off her curvy and attractive body 

The toned body has been maintained by CL until now.  Through many comebacks, CL’s bold and “feisty” visuals have always impressed netizens.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon 

Similar to CL, Jeongyeon also had times when she appeared in public with surprising weight gain and weight loss. Fans are deeply saddened to see Jeongyeon suffer from water retention and hormonal imbalances due to medications that cause such a change in her appearance. 

Jeongyeon’s visible weight gain

However, not long after, when appearing with other TWICE members at the group’s 6th debut anniversary event, Jeongyeon took netizens by surprise with her skinny look.

Jeongyeon’s impressive weight loss in her latest appearance

Throughout 2021, Jeongyeon has been absent from many TWICE’s schedules because of her health problems.  Every time she could attend the schedules again, Jeongyeon showed drastic changes in appearance, making fans worry for her health even more. Jeongyeon’s fans always prioritize Jeongyeon’s recovery and stand up for the female idol against malicious comments from anti-fans. 

Jeongyeon’s post-hiatus appearance at the beginning of the year after putting on some weight 
To promote Alcohol-Free with TWICE in summer 2021, Jeongyeon lost 8kg


Although she is always dubbed Kpop’s “sexy queen”, HyunA went through a difficult time with weight control. Netizens used to be surprised by the different appearance of the former 4minute member during some of her performances in 2015. HyunA’s chubby face even sparked rumors, claiming that she had facial fillers injected.

HyunA is well-known for her sexy and toned body 
HyunA’s chubby face used to raise suspicions of getting facial fillers
HyunA looked different from many angles 

However, HyunA then quickly lost weight and regained her sexy curves with a skinny figure after only a short time. 

Sexy stages…
 … and pretty looks of HyunA
HyunA’s latest skinny look during the recent comeback with PING PONG 


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