TWICE Jeongyeon expresses deep affection for Park Bo Gum, “He’s still the idol in my heart”

A video titled “If TWICE Jeongyeon receives the questions she was asked during her debut days?” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “GQ Korea” on March 5th.

The released video shows Jeongyeon spending time talking about the differences between her past responses and her current self after watching a past interview.

First, in an interview right after her debut in 2015, Jeongyeon said, “Stage means a lot to me. It’s the paradise I’ve been dreaming of”. Regarding that, she commented, “It was really a paradise back then. My dream came true. Even now, the stage is still a paradise. I think now it has more meaning than when I debuted.”


In a 2016 interview, Jeongyeon said, “I recently got my driver’s license. I want to drive a really big car”. She explained, “My dream came true and now I’m driving a really big car. Our family has been a large family since childhood. I even lived with my grandmother because I was the youngest. There’s a hard seat in the middle of the car. I always sat there. I think I had a dream someday I will ride a big car that I wanted to travel comfortably”. She added, “My current dream car is a camping car. My goal this year is to get an HGV license.”

In the past, Jeongyeon wrote, “I’m trying to keep the habit of tidying up anywhere in TWICE’s dorm or waiting room”. Regarding that confession, she said, “I’m still trying to keep the habit of tidying up. The waiting room needs to be cleaned by someone I think it will be a very good impression for TWICE”, adding “I don’t often tidy up my private room. Since it’s a space alone, no one will see it”, drawing laughter.


In an interview last year, Jeongyeon revealed that her relationship with member Chaeyoung had changed a lot. In this regard, she explained, “Chaeyoung likes to drink. She was very into wine at that time. I think we drank a lot of wine back then”, adding “Momo, she finds me cute these days”.

In particular, after reading the remark “The idol in my heart, Park Bo Gum” she made in the past, Jeongyeon said, “But aren’t you all like that? I’m still a fan of Park Bo Gum”.

Meanwhile, Jeongyeon’s group TWICE won Breakthrough Artist at the ‘2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards’ held at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles on the 2nd. 

The girl group is scheduled to release their new mini-album “READY TO BE” at 2 p.m. on the 10th and hold a comeback live in New York at 10 a.m. on the 11th.

Source: Daum

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