Turning 30 this year, IU confidently showed off her beauty in a “shocking” dress

Singer IU boasted  her appearance in a charming dress.

On January 19th, IU posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “I look good in ivory color”.

In the released picture, IU boasted her alluring beauty in a place full of flowers. In particular, attention was drawn to the see-through dress that she was wearing confidently.

Revealing her soft shoulder lines and giving off a soft vibe, IU fluttered the hearts of fans even more with her stunning look.


Fellow celebrity MC Ding Dong left a witty comment, saying, “Oh~ I finally found you. I mistook you with the flowers around”. Netizens who saw IU’s post also said, “Unnie, you look beautiful in every color”, “You think you only look good in ivory color? No, absolutely not!”, “So pretty”.

IU, who will turn 30 this year, won the Album Daesang (Grand Prize) at the recently held 36th Golden Disc Awards.



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