“Trolley” Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon show how adults do romantic tension

Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon show off their melodramatic tension through their performance in the upcoming K-drama “Trolley”.

SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama “Trolley” (written by Ryu Bo Ri/directed by Kim Moon Kyo), which will premiere on Dec 19th, released a couple of still cuts of Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon on Dec 17th.

“Trolley” is a mystery melodrama that tells the story of a lawmaker’s wife, who lived hiding her past, when her secret is revealed to the world. The show will delicately and meticulously unravel the inner sides of characters who are confused and conflicted when standing in front of options without answers.

kim hyun joo park hee soon trolley

Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon will work together for the first time as a married couple in “Trolley.” Kim Hyun Joo will play Kim Hye Joo, a book repairwoman and wife of National Assemblyman Nam Joong Do (Park Hee Soon). She always supports the will of her politician husband, but lives a normal life without going outside much. On the other hand, Park Hee Soon will take on the role of Nam Joong Do, a lawyer-turned-lawmaker and husband of Kim Hye Joo. He is a politician who strives to make a better world and a loving husband who tries to keep his promise with his wife.

kim hyun joo park hee soon trolley

The released photo shows Kim Hye Joo and Nam Joong Do couple’s daily lives, drawing attention. The melodramatic tension between the two actors, who exchange passionate looks, stands out. It makes viewers even more curious about the incident that will shake this solid couple, who swore to never abandon their love and faith. The changed atmosphere in the next photo is also unusual. Kim Hye Joo, who holds her husband while crying, and Nam Joong Do, who calmly calms his wife, suggest the beginning of their crisis and upheaval. Attention is focused on what Kim Hye Joo’s hidden secret is and what choice Nam Joong Do will make after finding out.

kim hyun joo park hee soon trolley

Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon expressed deep trust in each other. Kim Hyun Joo said, “I think actor Park Hee Soon is the most ideal partner. It was my first time meeting him, but it was nice to be with him. I could feel that he was a warm person during the filming process. There were many moments when I was grateful for his deep consideration.” Park Hee Soon also said, “I knew that she was an actress with intelligence and beauty enough to be called God Hyun Joo. However, I felt that she was a much deeper, more meticulous, more detailed, and great actress than I thought. Since she had both a great personality and great acting skills, the title ‘God Hyun Joo’ fits her perfectly,” he praised.

The first episode of “Trolley” will air at 10 pm on Dec 19th.

Source: Newsen

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