Top Star Admitted He Used To Have ‘Diva Attitude’ + Can’t Get Married Because of His Sister

Actor Lee Jun-ki rose to stardom with the movie “The King And The Clown” and stole the hearts of women

Lee Jun-ki is already in her 40s, why is there no news of his marriage?

In the past, Lee Jun-ki appeared on an entertainment program and recalled receiving attention with his role in the hit movie ‘The King And The Clown’. At that time, he was cast in the role of “Gonggil” after competing with 3000 people.

lee jun ki

After that, his role in the drama “My Girl” and his pomegranate drink commercial became all hits within a year, heralding the birth of a star. But since then, he’s been suffering from the so-called “celebrity disease.”

He said, “There was a time when I thought, ‘The world revolves around me. I’m the center of the world.’ At that time, I had never fallen from the top of most-searched celebrities in 42 weeks. I think there was a cheekiness that came out of me.”

“Fortunately, people around me who have been with me since I was a rookie told me straightforwardly. So if I hadn’t change, my carrer would have to ended after causing trouble and hurting many people.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ki has been living with her sister since 2013. The actor shared, “The reason why we can’t each get married is because we are always together. My little sister has been going through a lot of trouble for me. Thanks to her, I can concentrate on my work.”

Source: daum

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