Top 3 most provocative outfits worn by BLACKPINK Jennie in “The Idol” 

These 3 looks of BLACKPINK Jennie in “The Idol” captures viewers’ attention due to their levels of boldness. 

Recently, “The Idol” came to an end one episode earlier than initially planned. Nevertheless, discussions persist, and BLACKPINK Jennie’s outfits became the new talk of the town.

jennie the idol

One of the most provocative outfit worn by Jennie was her look in the third episode of “The Idol”, where Jennie’s character, Dyanne, stood as a substitute for Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) in the shooting for “World Class Sinner” MV.  Both the actresses wore a top that could barely cover their chest area. The material seems to be made from 3D printing. These designs are said to cost around 1,677 USD each.

After the episode aired, Jennie’s on-screen image became a heated subject on social media. Many viewers deemed her outfit to be inappropriate with the level of boldness exceeding the first few episodes. 

Others stood by the idol, stating that it was a preference, and it was not wrong of the BLACKPINK member to do what she liked. 

The second outfit that drew major attention was the one Jennie wore at the beginning of episode 1, when she was dancing with other backup dancers. In the scene, Jennie wore skinny leggings with a crop top to showcase a dance choreography. 

Known for her ability to whip up a trend, Jennie in this simple outfit sent fans into a frenzy. They started looking for the items far and wide, and one fan did manage to find out what those items were. That is to show how influential Jennie is among the youth. 

jennie the idol
Jennie only wrapped a bathing towel in one scene in “The Idol” 

The boldest Jennie can get on “The Idol” was in episode 1, when she only wrapped a towel around her body. 

“The Idol” is an HBO miniseries that lasts for five episodes, surrounding an ambitious idol called Jocelyn and her complicated relationship with a club owner and cult leader Tedros (The Weeknd). The series receives a tremendous amount of criticism about its plot, portrayal, and excessive sex which brought discomfort to viewers. Nevertheless, the series still garnered massive attention due to the appearances of many famous faces, such as Jennie. 

HBO has not released any statement about future plans for “The Idol” Season 2.

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