TOP 10 best animated movies of all time: which took the first place?

Toy Story, Your Name, Lion King,… which is the best one?

Recently, the leading popular movie review site IMDb has announced the 10 best animated movies of all time.  Compiled from the evaluation of tens of millions of viewers, the following 10 works are the best ones. 

10. Toy Story 3 (8.3 points)

Rarely does a television series have the latter seasons that are more appreciated than the first. One such instance is Toy Story 3, which gives a great, emotional ending to Andy’s journey with his toys. The segment Andy said goodbye to the toys certainly made many viewers burst into tears.

Toy Story 3

9. Up (8.3 points)

Up, another Pixar movie, is ranked ninth. Thought that old people in love would be uninteresting, but UP has drawn viewers in thanks to its interesting plot. It is unnecessary to discuss the entire film because the scene in which shows the past moments of Ellie and Carl is already enough to give viewers goosebumps. It is now still regarded as a Pixar iconic scene. 


8. Princess Mononoke (8.4 points)

What makes Princess Mononoke in the top 10 is its ingenious way of building a female character, who has a strong personality, but still has a warm heart.

Princess Mononoke

7. Wall-E (8.4 points)

Wall-E has conquered viewers thanks to the love of two robots, Wall-E and E.V.E. The movie’s futuristic setting also establishes itself as a classic, leaving viewers to consider innumerable lessons about life and the environment.


6. Coco (8.4 points)

With the creation of Coco, a movie that depicts the idea of the afterlife in a cozy, intimate way, Pixar showed its boundless creativity. Pixar’s previous winning streak was prolonged by Coco, which won nearly all of the major prizes that year.


5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (8.4 points)

Sony has one movie on this list, and that’s Spider-Verse.  This is also the highest rated superhero animation project on IMDb, bringing home many awards. 


4. Your Name (8.4 points)

The release of Your Name changed the world of anime because it’s been a long time since an original anime series that didn’t come from Ghibli was so successful.

Your Name

3. Grave of the Fireflies (8.5 points)

Grave of the Fireflies clearly shows the plight and misery of the two kids during the war.  The movie’s storyline has many fascinating elements about people and society intertwined, which are still widely discussed to this day.

Grave of the Fireflies

2. The Lion King (8,5 points)

The only animated film ever to win the Oscar for Best Picture is Lion King.  Although it has been entangled in many controversies about plagiarism, it is undeniable that The Lion King is a legend in world popular culture.

The Lion King

1. Spirited Away (8,6 points)

Spirited Away, Ghibli’s Pride, has surpassed all other works to take the top spot. It has created a new world full of meaningful messages. As a result, the film became the first and only Japanese anime to win an Oscar.

Spirited Away

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