Ticket Prices of K-pop Concerts in Thailand Soar: Fans Express Discontent 

Thai K-pop fans are raising their voices over expensive concert tickets, demanding consumer protection measures for fair pricing.

As reported by Thai media MGR Online on May 3rd, the average price of K-pop concert tickets sold in Thailand this year is around 5,270 baht (165 USD), which is 17.9% higher than the price of 4,470 baht (140 USD) in 2019 before the pandemic. Compared to the average price of 3,302 baht (103 USD) in 2013, the prices are now 59.6% higher.

blackpink concert

Previously, the most expensive ticket was around 6,000 baht (188 USD) and the cheapest was around 1,050 baht (33 USD). However, now the prices are too high and the benefits do not seem worth it, sparking many complaints.

For example, the VIP ticket price for BLACKPINK’s upcoming encore concert at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Thailand on May 27th and 28th, is 14,800 baht (463 USD).

Some fans burdened by the concert prices have turned to Thailand’s consumer protection board. In February, fans of Stray Kids raised an issue with the board. The most expensive ticket for Stray Kids’ concert held in Bangkok in October 2022 was 8,500 baht (266 USD).


At the time, the consumer protection board called for discussions with concert ticket sales companies on consumer protection measures, but eventually stated that it could not regulate the prices.

The consumer protection board responded, “As of now, there is no law to control concert ticket prices. Prices are decided by the agreement between sellers and buyers.”

According to industry officials, a decade ago, 70% of concert costs were covered by sponsorships, but this proportion has decreased to below 30%, causing ticket prices to soar.

Source: daum. 

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