Korean drama with the most impressive viewership at present: “Three Bold Siblings” hit 20% average rating in opening airing!

The series hit record-high ratings in their first two episodes, gaining positive feedback from the viewers.

“Three Bold Siblings” is the weekend television show by KBS, airing their first two episodes on the 24th and 25th of this month. No less expected from the series airing in “golden hour” of a public broadcast station, the series already hit a major average rating for their very first broadcast. Specifically, their first episode reached a 2-digit figure, 20.5%, becoming the most watched program on every broadcast channel last Saturday. Moving on to the second episode, the figure rose to 22.1%.

Three Bold Siblings

“Three Bold Siblings” follows Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), the oldest child in a three-sibling family. She has a warm heart and generosity but can be ill-tempered most of the time, cutting off those she dislikes. Her life changes when Tae Joo reunites with Lee Sang Joon (Lim Ju Hwan), an old friend and first love in elementary school. 

Three Bold Siblings

Lee Sang Joon is currently a famous actor. He is sensitive, imaginative and smart. He is also the oldest brother in the family. Once the most coddled child, he became an actor to pay the family debt. Despite their different initial background, Tae Joo and Sang Joon now go through the same hardship of carrying their entire family on their own shoulders. 

With a relatable content to everyday life of generational conflicts in a household, “Three Bold Siblings” easily makes its way into the viewers’ hearts. On pages focusing on Korean dramas, positive comments flooded in following the two opening episodes. Netizens especially expressed happiness for Lim Ju Hwan for having a lead role after many years taking up minor and villain roles. 

Three Bold Siblings

Several netizens’ comments: 

  • Lim Ju Hwan!!! He has finally escaped the villain roles. I will support you no matter what. 
  • The series is so adorable. The color was also very beautiful. I am also the first child so I feel for him so much.
  • KBS’ weekend series is always high-quality. There is no drama, just relatable. I’m a bit sad because the female lead is too old for the male lead. 
  • The first episode was good, I liked it. However it was not the powerful start I had hoped, hopefully the next episodes will be different.
  • Thank god Lim Ju Hwan finally said no to the villain role. His performance is so good this time around, fighting! 
Three Bold Siblings

Image source: Hancinema

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