This top star in self-quarantine very quietly reported on her current situation 

A famous female Kpop idol updated her first status after being diagnosed with COVID-19

Taeyeon, a member of girl group Girls’ Generation (SNSD), who is self-isolating after contracting COVID-19, recently reported on her current situation. 

In particular, she posted a photo on her Instagram story on November 20th without any captions. 

snsd taeyeon instagram

The released photo shows Taeyeon staring at the camera with a blank expression. Despite showing a bare face without makeup, the female idol’s transparent skin without any blemishes and neat atmosphere stand out.

snsd taeyeon instagram

Next, Taeyeon drew attention by posting a meaningful phrase in a book, which reads, “Walking with someone is not just about matching their speed, but also about trying to understand each other’s differences, If you don’t understand them, isn’t it enduring to bump into each other?” 

snsd taeyeon instagram

On the other hand, Taeyeon’s agency, SM Entertainment, announced on November 14th, “Taeyeon was diagnosed with COVID-19. She tested positive with a self-diagnosis kit after reporting symptoms of abnormal conditions, and immediately conducted a rapid antigen test before confirming the result”

Source: wikitree

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