This popular male idol came under controversy for doing a smoking gesture during the group’s concert

On February 17th and 18th, Stray Kids held a concert in Melbourne, Australia to meet overseas fans.

stray kids

On this day, Stray Kids heated up the concert scene by showing splendid synchronized choreography on every stage.

In particular, Felix shocked the fans by revealing his abs during the show, exuding a strong and decadent beauty at the same time.

At the same time, Felix drew attention by showing a rather controversial behavior. Felix made a smoking gesture as soon as he heard “Stage Fire”.

stray kids felix

Felix then made a motion similar to what smokers do when they turn off their cigarettes after smoking on the street. Korean netizens are showing mixed reactions to Felix’s action.

Most netizens commented, “I think he was just joking around, so I laughed and moved on” and “I think he was joking after hearing the sound of fire”, but some netizens left negative comments, such as “I can see Felix’s real personality through this”, “Who would make a smoking gesture in front of fans?” 

Meanwhile, Felix is ​​from Australia. On February 14th, he expressed his excitement ahead of the concert in his hometown, saying, “Six years ago today, I left for Korea alone to become a JYP trainee, but today I came to Australia to meet many Stays. It’s really fate.”

Source: Insight

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