This once popular actress is now a controversial YouTuber who posts only skin-revealing contents 

This actress has changed her job and is now a successful YouTuber with over a million subscribers. 

The current whereabouts of actress Im Leezy, who was previously active as Lee Hae In (real name Lee Ji Young), recently became a hot topic among netizens due to her controversial YouTube channel “Leezy” with over a million subscribers. 

lim ji

The YouTube channel Leezy reached 1 million subscribers on June 29th, helping her receive the Gold Button. As of 2021, there are only about 500 Korean YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers.

In addition, the cumulative number of views of Leezy’s videos recently exceeded 100 million. Her estimated monthly income from YouTube is 18 million won. Including the advertising income of the YouTube channel “Lee Hae In”, which she runs at the same time, it is estimated that she makes around 20 million won a month from YouTube.

Im Leezy made her debut as an advertising model in 2005. She was active as Lee Hae In. In 2010, she appeared on tvN’s entertainment show “Roller Coaster,” which was very well-known at the time, and gained great popularity by being called the “Rol-Co girl”. However, her popularity did not last long. 

Im Leezy starred in various works including the movie “Quick”, MBC’s dramas “H.I.T”, and “Golden Fish”, but failed to draw much attention. In 2012, she tried to become a singer by debuting as a member of the girl group Gangkiz, but once again couldn’t rise to stardom.

lim ji

After going on a long hiatus following her role in SBS’s 2016 drama “Witch’s Castle”, Im Leezy started her YouTube career in 2018. Through YouTube, she received attention for revealing her hot body, which she achieved through Pilates, and her variety skills gained from experience in entertainment activities. However, at some point, Im Leezy started getting criticized for using body exposure as her main content.

Source: wikitree

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