This on-screen couple shared a kiss so passionately, even their real families are shocked

Lee Min Jung’s return to the screen, which she filmed two years ago, is receiving hot attention.

Lee Min Jung finally returned to the film industry after marrying actor Lee Byung Hun in 2013 and giving birth. This time, she returns as a part of the touching and laughable relationship with Kwon Sang Woo.

Lee Byung-hun-Lee Min Jung

At the production briefing session for “Switch” on Nov 23rd, the cast shared various behind-the-scenes in a friendly atmosphere. Lee Min Jung played Su Hyun, Park Kang’s wife in the reversed world.

Lee Byung-hun-Lee Min Jung

Kwon Sang Woo said, “I had a fierce kiss scene with Lee Min Jung. Anyway, we are not uncomfortable with each other at all. (Laugh) The kiss was supposed to be intense, so I was more worried about what to do.” Kwon was being careful from a man’s point of view, but as soon as they started filming, Lee Min Jung finished the scene in one shot. “That was very comfortable for both of us,” he said, sharing a behind-the-scenes story.

Son Tae yong-Lee Min Jung

Some said that this may shock the actors’ spouses, Son Tae Young and Lee Byung Hun. However, they said that they were just trying to greet the audience with their best effort only for work, showing their professional look.

Lee Min Jung shared that her son saw a photo she took with her son in the movie and her real son was jealous. This proves that she was so immersed in her role that even her real family was jealous.


Meanwhile, “Switch” tells the story of top star Park Kang (Kwon Sang Woo), who was enjoying a brilliant life of being a hot bachelor and an A-list star, suddenly found his life turned 180 degrees on Christmas.

Source: Daum

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