This movie, starring Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun, is the first Korean movie to be remade by Hollywood

The 2000 film “Il Mare”, starring Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun, was remade by Warner Brothers in 2006 under the title “The Lake House”.

On December 22nd, 1999, Eun Joo (Jun Ji Hyun) moves out of the house on the beach and leaves a letter in the mailbox asking the new resident to forward her mail to her.

Young architect Sung Hyun (Lee Jung Jae) really likes the house when he moves in so he names it “Il Mare (the sea)”. However, when Sung Hyun checks the mailbox, he finds a letter that said, “To the new owner of Il Mare”. 

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Sung Hyun senses something strange so he sends a reply to Eun Joo. Since he is the first resident at “Il Mare”, he decides to check if there has been something wrong with the letter and how the person named Eun Joo knows the name “Il Mare” of the house. 

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The date when Sung Hyun replies to Eun Joo’s letter is December 28th, 1997. The first owner of “Il Mare” is probably Sung Hyun. Eun Joo lives in this house after Sung Hyun left. After various testing, Eun Joo and Sung Hyun, who think this is a kind of prank, discovers a mysterious fact.

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In fact, the mailbox of “Il Mare” allows its residents to communicate with each other despite living in different times. The two continue their communication through this mysterious mailbox and naturally develop feelings of love for each other. Then, how does their future turn out to be?

il mare

The movie “Il Mare”, starring Lee Jung Jae and Jun Ji Hyun, was released in 2000. “Il Mare” depicts the love beyond time between a man and a woman, and it is the first Korean film to be remade by Hollywood.

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In the Hollywood version, the main characters were played by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. This American remake, which was released under the title “The Lake House” in 2006, became a hot topic as it marked the first reunion of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in 12 years since the 1994 film “Speed”. 

the lake house

The difference between the remake movie and the original work is that the female protagonist’s job was changed from a voice actor for minor roles to a doctor, and the location of the house was moved to a lake. In addition, the setting of the times was also changed to 2004 and 2006, respectively, to match the movie’s release date. 

il mare

In fact, “Il Mare” is a calm and deep movie, while “The Lake House”, which was made of the same material, has a brighter atmosphere. 

Source: Daum

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