This man went to watch a performance with his girlfriend on Christmas Eve and decided to become a comedian

Here is the debut story of comedian Yang Se Chan, who is drawing netizens’ attention with his active activities.

Yang Se Chan debuted in 2005 in SBS’s comedy program “People Looking for a Laugh”. He later made his name widely known to the public by appearing in famous comedy shows, such as KBS2’s “Laughter Club” and MBC’s “Sky’s Smile”.

After being discharged from the military in 2012, Yang Se Chan joined tvN’s “Comedy Big League Season 3” as a cast member and formed a gag trio with Yang Se Hyung and Lee Yong Jin.

However, in 2013, Yang Se Chan was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had to temporarily suspend his activities as a comedian.

After a long hiatus, Yang Se Chan returned amid the warm welcome of the viewers. Since then he has played important roles in entertainment programs and talk shows of various genres.

Yang Se Chan

In particular, he was selected as a new regular member of SBS’s “Running Man” in 2017 and has been bringing joy to viewers every weekend.

Compared to the early days of his career, Yang Se Chan presented more significant performances and impressed the public with his unique sense of humor. As a result, he was honored with Excellence Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards in 2019.

Yang Se Chan

Even after then, Yang Se Chan continued to work hard and showed his passionate side on various TV shows, such as “Love Me Actually”, “Where Is My Home”, “3 Idiots”, “Team 072 Season 4”, etc. Thanks to his active performances, Yang Se Chan won Top Excellence Award at the 2021 SBS Entertainment Awards and Excellence Award at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards.

Yang Se Chan, who has been recognized as an excellent entertainer, also attracted attention with his extraordinary chemistry with his older brother Yang Se Hyung.

Yang Se Chan

Yang Se Hyung made headlines after revealing on a past broadcast that his brother Yang Se Hyung was the reason he began to dream of becoming a comedian. At that time, Yang Se Chan shared, “Before my debut, I went to watch his performance with my girlfriend on Christmas Eve. It was the first time I saw my brother on the stage and I was overwhelmed by that scene somehow. I even thought, ‘That’s my life’”.

Yang Se Hyung explained, “I was against his intention at first. I was really worried about his decision of becoming a comedian. I told my boss to not let him perform comedies if he tried to do it because of me”.

He added, “I didn’t agree because the future of a comedian is really uncertain. It’s not common for both brothers to succeed in the same field. If one of us didn’t make it, it would hurt our mother”.

yang se chan

On another show, Yang Se Hyung shared, “He said he would pretend not to know me. My brother also wanted to do everything on his own. That’s why I said, ‘Greet me the same way I do, and don’t tell anyone that I’m your older brother. Work hard on your own’”, recalling Yang Se Chan’s debut days.

After Yang Se Chan became famous, the two officially revealed themselves as brothers. They are still showing off their warm chemistry on TV broadcasts. 

Source: Daum

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