“Everyone laughed at me when I said I wanted to become an idol”… This male idol used to work as a bank guard before achieving his dream

The success story of an active idol group member, who used to work as a bank security guard before becoming a singer, belatedly drew attention.

On October 21st, an article titled “Male idol who used to be a bank security guard when he was an ordinary person” was posted on the online community theqoo and became a hot topic. The article contains a video released on the Youtube channel “Norae_ing” in January this year.

At that time, “Norae_ing” conducted an interview with members of the six-member boy group VICTON. During the interview, the remarks of Sejun (Im Se-jun), who holds the ‘visual’ position in the group, were highlighted.

Sejun revealed that he was a company worker before becoming an idol. Sejun brought up his own story to cheer for a fan who wanted to become a singer but hesitated because they were not confident. 


Sejun shared, “I quit my job to pursue my dream and became a singer. When I was working at my old company, all the workers, my parents and even my friends laughed at my dream”.

He added, “Dreams are funny things because they keep growing big and you can’t control them. With that uncontrollable amount of desire in your heart, I hope you give it a shot. Have confidence!”.


Born in 1996, Sejun graduated from a technical high school and worked as a bank guard under Cheongwon Police Force. Later, he passed an open audition at the age of 20 and made his debut as a member of the idol group VICTON in 2016.


People around Sejun laughed at him for dreaming of becoming an idol singer, but he made effort and eventually achieved what he wanted. 

Source: wikitree

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