This “Little Women” actress, who got violent with Kim Go Eun, turns out to be the wife of a famous movie star 

Attention is focused on actress Park Bo Kyung, who plays the scary secretary Go Soo Im in “Little Women”

The tvN drama “Little Women”, which stars Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo, is receiving a lot of love. 

The drama follows an exciting story that takes place when 3 sisters, who have lived in poverty all their lives, suddenly become entangled in a cast of 70 billion won embezzlement. 

On September 11th, the 4th episode of this K-drama was broadcasted, and her, the presence of actress Park Bo Kyung, who plays secretary Go Soo Im, particularly shined. 

In this episode, Oh In Joo (Kim Go Eun) tried to pay for the surgery of her younger sister Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hoo), using the 2 billion won slush fund she got from a colleague, Jin Hwa Young, who had passed away. 

However, things didn’t work out as Oh In Joo intended, as Go Soo Im followed her traces and found the hidden 2 billion won. Still, Oh In Joo was desperate to save her sister’s life, and Go Soo Im offered to give her 100 million won if In Joo can withstand 10 hits from her. 

As it was a matter of life and death for her sister, In Joo agreed, and was violently beaten by Go Soo Im, who even used tools to inflict tremendous pain. 

Watching the episode, viewers praised Park Bo Kyung for her scary performance as Go Soo Im, pouring out comments such as “Go Soo Im is really scary”, “Her eyes look so cold and brutal.”

On the other hand, many were surprised to learn that actress Park Bo Kyung is the wife of famous actor Jin Seon Gyu, who starred in blockbuster movies like “Extreme Job” and “Space Sweepers”. 

Jin Seon Gyu previously made a name for himself as a “professional villain actor”, after he played the blood-thirsty Korean-Chinese character Wi Seoung Rak in the 2017 movie “The Outlaws”. 

He also recently appeared as the villain Jang Myung Joon, who caused tension with his drug manufacturing deeds and terrorism, in the new film “Confidential Assignment 2: International”. 

Now, the talented couple of Park Bo Kyung and Jin Seon Gyu is gaining great popularity together, showing brilliant “villain acting” on the small and big screen. 

Jin Seon Gyu and Park Bo Kyung, who are seniors and juniors at Korea National University of Arts, got married in 2011 and have one son and one daughter.

In 2021, Jin Seon Gyu appeared on the SBS TV program “My Little Old Boy”, where he mentioned his marriage with his wife Park Bo Kyung. 

According to the actor, despite him having a deep kiss scene with actress Honey Lee in “Extreme Job”, his wife was not at all jealous. 

In addition, Jin Seon Gyu also shows various warm images with his wife Park Bo Kyung through his personal Instagram. 

It seems that while they are a “villain” couple on the screen, Jin Seon Gyu and Park Bo Kyung have a cute and lovely relationship in real life.

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