This Korean female idol became an AV actress and filmed 40 adult movies in 2 months

An idol singer, who debuted in a girl group then unexpectedly became an adult movie actress, is gaining popularity in foreign countries.


On February 5th (local time), Taiwanese media “ETtoday” reported the recent status of Seung-ha, a former member of girl group BaBa, with an article titled, “The first Korean idol singer from a girl group to become an AV actress”.

Seung-ha debuted in 2017 with the 4th single of girl group BaBa. After her one-year contract expired, she became interested in the adult movie industry while searching for auditions for advertising models.

Since June 2020, Seung-ha began working as an adult movie actress.

Seung-ha filmed more than 40 works within two months after she started doing this job.


In particular, she got paid a high amount thanks to the title of a former girl group member. In an interview with a media outlet, Seung-ha personally said, “My appearance fee per film is comparable to a Korean car”.

However, Seung-ha faced netizens’ cold gazes. Some people even left malicious comments, saying, “Why did you debut as a girl group member to become an adult movie actress?”


In response, Seung-ha explained, “I think woman’s body is art”, adding, “I worked as a model because I wanted to look pretty in photos. Now I want to look sexy in videos, so I become an adult movie actress”.

However, this ex-idol member has recently turned into a BJ and is active on FlexTV. Due to the slump in her career, Seung-ha said that she would no longer work as an adult movie actress and only focus on communicating with fans.

Knowing Seung-ha’s recent status, Taiwanese netizens are showing their interest in her by requesting her to release some unpublicized works.

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