This K-drama actress has starred in 4 works in 2022: looks way more beautiful in real life than on screen

Who is this Korean actress that has been constantly appearing on the Korean small screen?

When it comes to the most common Korean actress to see on TV this year, Seo Hye Won, who has appeared in 4 projects in the first 7 months, is undoubtedly an honorable mention. However, as most of her roles are minor ones with little screen time, Seo Hye Won still has a long way of getting her name known.

Debut in 2018 and used to play major roles, yet Seo Hye Won only started to gain attention after playing a supporting character in the 2022 hit drama “Business Proposal”. Here, the actress transformed into the rich and wacky cousin of second female lead Young Seo (Seol In Ah), who created various hilarious moments on the show. Unfortunately, while she was cladded in all sorts of luxury clothing, this character’s over-the-top personality, expression, and ill-fitted hairstyle lowered her visuals, though they added to the charm of the drama. 

After “Business Proposal”, Seo Hye Won continued to star in 2 period dramas: “Bloody Heart” and “Alchemy of Souls”. In the former series, the actress played a maid that always stuck by the side of the female lead. However, despite having ample screen time, the bad styling, light makeup, and simple clothes completely hide Seo Hye Won’s visuals. 

In “Alchemy of Souls”, Seo Hye Won plays a character that actually heavily impacts the plot. However, her “ragged” clothes and hairstyle did not do much for her when it comes to appearance.

Finally, Seo Hye Won’s most recent appearance is in the hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. This time, her screen time was extremely brief, but her styling was on the next level, to the point most of the audience could not recognize her. 

All in all, Seo Hye Won is often assigned comic relief characters, who would lighten up the atmosphere with her wacky expressions when a K-drama gets serious. However, in real life, Seo Hye Won is quite a beauty, as she adorns fitting makeup and hairstyle. 

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