This JYP ex-trainee returned as the 3rd generation of a conglomerate full of self-love

People can’t change the channel recently because of this guy. His drama “Business Proposal” is full of webtoon sentiments and somewhat childish but is the public’s favorite. 

Ahn Hyoseop

Actor Ahn Hyo-seop, who literally looks like he just popped out of the original webtoon, from his visual to his lines.

After being a trainee at JYP Entertainment, he started as a non-idol actor at a new agency in 2015 with “Splash Splash LOVE” and built a filmography regardless of his roles being the lead or supported ones, and properly established himself as a “Son of SBS.”

Ahn Hyo seop 0703221

His three recent works (Romantic Doctor 2, Lovers of the Red Sky, Business Proposal)

All are on SBS!

After only two episodes, he captivated women’s hearts and started to solidify his position as a visual male actor representing the generation who are in their 20s.

Ahn Hyoseop

In Ahn Hyo-seop‘s previous work, “Lovers of the Red Sky,” a fantasy historical drama based on a novel, he also played an extraordinary character that cannot exist in reality!

The common thing about Ahn Hyo-seop‘s drama is that he makes viewers unable to change the channel even though he has no magical power.

Ahn Hyoseop

In his previous work “Lovers of the Red Sky”, Ahn Hyo-seop struggled in the costume of a dark black devil which covered his handsome appearance.

In “Business Proposal,” both the appearance and personality of his character have been upgraded.

Ahn Hyoseop

Haram (or the devil), the male protagonist of “Lovers of the Red Sky,” has now transformed into the protagonist of a romantic comedy that is obvious but pleasant to see.

Let’s watch it comfortably this time.

“You’re the first woman that has ever done this to me” basically describes what “Business Proposal” is about. It is an attractive drama that permeates the story of Cinderella, which is overflowing with clichés, webtoon-like acting by the actors who appeared as the real-life version of webtoon characters, and even though we are tired of it, we are still hooked by it.

Ahn Hyoseop

This drama seems to be a refreshing romantic comedy that is suitable for drama fans who are tired of heavy stories!

Attention is focusing on how Ahn Hyo-seop, who has transformed into a typical rich man in webtoons, will play the unrealistically perfect but eccentric narcissist 3rd generation of a conglomerate.

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