“This is the restroom for celebrities, use another one,” LACHICA Gabee shared the shocking power abuse she has encountered

Gabee and Rian from the dance crew LACHICA confessed their sad stories when they were still unknown.

Onn MBN and ENA PLAY’s “Not just Staycation, Suite Room Staycation” (literal title), which aired on the afternoon of Jun 20th, actors So Yi-hyun, dancers Gabee and Rian visited a 20-year-old gamjatang (spicy pork bone soup) restaurant together.


While talking about various things while eating, So Yi-hyun asked the other 2 guests how their life as a dancer was like.


Gabee and Rian said they just loved dancing since they were young, so they became dancers. The two added that money didn’t matter to them.


So Yi-hyun, who was listening to this, asked, “I wonder what was the hardest thing when you were still unknown and a rookie.”


Rian started answering the question with a serious look, saying, “There are a lot of things that I feel sad about being just a back dancer for singers.”


She said, “I’ve also heard people say, ‘This is the restroom for celebrities, use another one,'” sharing how hurt she was.

Gabee had a similar experience as well. Gabee repeated Rian’s words, adding, “They said it was a WC that only singers use, and told the dancers to turn to somewhere else.”


Rian expressed her feelings that she was upset when she was discriminated against as an artist herself.

In the meantime, Gabee and Rian confessed their anxiety, saying they are stressed by the thought that their current popularity gained by appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” could end tomorrow. In response, So Yi-hyun encouraged them sincerely that their efforts so far were well supported and that they would not easily collapse.

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