This idol-turned-actress made a surprise appearance in “Doctor Cha” as a 20-year-old single mother with cancer

Along with the rising popularity of “Doctor Cha”, netizens are also interested in the cast.

The new broadcast of JTBC’s “Doctor Cha”, which aired on April 30th, showed a 20-year-old single mother in her 20s postponing cancer treatment for the sake of her child.


Kang Ji Young, a member of the famous girl group Kara and an entertainer with 15 years of experience, plays Yoo Ji Sun, the mentioned single mother who has just turned 20.

Yoo Ji Sun portrayed by Kang Ji Young is a character who shows strong motherly love for the baby in her womb until the end although she has to raise the child all alone.

Kang Ji Young surprised viewers when she appeared in the drama as a pregnant woman wearing hospital clothes. She captivated everyone with her amazing performances as a single mother character with detailed acting, from her facial expressions to gestures and her voice.

In the episode, Yoo Ji Sun looked confused after hearing the rumor that an actor on a TV program is dating his female co-star.

Therefore, many people are speculating about the possible relationship between Yoo Ji Sun and that actor. Viewers raise high anticipation for the backstory to unfold in the next episodes as the identity of Yoo Ji Sun’s unborn baby’s father has yet to be revealed.


Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young recently made a comeback with Kara as a whole group. She showed off her admirable stage presence and showcased her skills as a veteran idol.

Attention is focused on whether Kang Ji Young, who has continued her acting career by starring in various dramas, will once again gain recognition for her acting skills in “Doctor Cha”.

The weekend drama “Doctor Cha”, featuring Kang Ji Young, is scheduled to release new episodes today (May 6th) and tomorrow (May 7th).

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