This idol-actress will  grow up to become a “goddess on the billboard”

A Girl group member drew attention by revealing never seen before past photos that looks exactly like her now.

There is a top female  idol that has attracted attention by releasing photos of herself in the past. She is none other than AOA member and actor Seolhyun.

In particular, on October 20th, Seolhyun shared a photo she took with her sister on her Instagram account. 

aoa seolhyun past photo

Showing off her youthful visuals, Seolhyun boasts features that are the same as now. In particular, her small face, large eyes, and tall nose drew attention. 

In addition, the idol-actress wore a crown in a photo, exuding an eye-catching cute charm. The image of her sister posing face to face brings out Seolhyun’s warmth.


Seolhyun also recalled old memories by adding the caption, “At that time, the name of the movie theater was M something, while the name of the photo was Ulzzang.”

On the other hand, after debuting with AOA in 2012, Seolhyun became loved after the release of numerous hit songs such as ‘”Short Hair”, “Mini Skirt”’, “Like A Cat”’, and “Heart Attack”.

aoa seolhyun past photo

Because of her beauty and superior body, Seolhyun was nicknamed “the goddess of the billboard”.

Lee Kwang Soo-Seolhyun-The Killer's Shopping List

Seolhyun, who was reborn as an acting idol through the dramas “My Country: The New Age”, “Orange Marmalade”, and most recently, “The Murderer’s Shopping List”, is scheduled to appear in the upcoming drama “I Don’t Want to Do Anything” (literal translation), which is scheduled to air in November.

Source: wikitree

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