This female singer shocked everyone as she kissed a male student at Korea University Festival (feat. video + audience’s reaction)

Singer BIBI recently had a shocking performance at a university festival. The college student who experienced BIBI’s fanservice is being envied by netizens.

On May 25th, a video of BIBI singing her new song “Best Lover” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “KTN Korea University TV Network”. BIBI appeared at the festival of Korea University held on the previous day. She left after finishing her performance but went back on the stage because the audience kept asking for an encore.

BIBI said, “I’ll sing just one more song. This is a new song so it’s okay if you don’t know it”, adding, “But I need a volunteer”.


Later, Kim, a student majoring in business administration, was summoned to the stage. BIBI let Kim sit on a chair in the middle of the stage and showed off the sexy and provocative choreography of her new song.


Then suddenly, BIBI kissed Kim on his cheek before ending her performance, causing the crowd to explode.


Netizens gave enthusiastic responses, saying “I envy him”, “That person should pay more tuition”, “It’s so cringy pretending to be relaxed and feel the rhythm”, “I guess he was overwhelmed. The way his mask was fluttering is so annoying”, “If I saw this video when I was in Grade 12, I would have gone to Korea University”, etc.


Source: Wikitree


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