This female idol has debuted for 4 years but fans still don’t know her face 

She has been masked for 4 years. 

Girl group Pink Fantasy has been active in the industry since 2018 but has yet to rise to fame. However, the group successfully gains attention thanks to member Daewang because she always is masked every time she appears. Daewang is the most mysterious K-Pop idol because what she looks like and her real identity have been kept a secret ever since the group debuted. 

In Pink Fantasy’s official profile, it is introduced that Daewang was born on December 25, 2189. She is often referred to as the “mystery bunny member” of the group because her face is always hidden behind a bunny mask in MVs, performances, vlogs, SNS posts, etc. At first, Daewang had to put on a big rabbit head that looks quite cumbersome but she has changed it to a smaller mask lately. Thanks to that, fans can now see half of her face.

Pink Fantasy Daewang

Daewang once promised that if Pink Fantasy achieved No.1 on Billboard, she would remove her mask and reveal her face. However, with the current situation of the group, it seems that the day when fans can finally admire Daewang’s visuals is still far away.

Although some find this concept of a hidden member fun and unique, many netizens think that this is unfair to Daewang because every idol wants to have their name and face remembered by the public. Hiding her face for such a long time can seriously affect her career and make it difficult for her to open up to people around her about her work.

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