“We can’t delay it any longer” This female celebrity did a one-man protest today (Jan 14th)

Actress Park Jin Hee held a protest banner about abnormal climate phenomena and came out to the street.

On January 14th, Park Jin Hee posted a photo on her Instagram account with the caption, “Although its flowering period is in late March, Forsythia flowers are already blooming beautifully in early January”.

park jin hee

The released photo shows Park Jin Hee standing next to Forsythia flowers. She was holding a picket board with the message, “‘Climate emergency era’, We can’t delay it any longer”.

In her caption, the actress continued, “The Earth is getting hotter and hotter, and no one knows what natural disasters we would have to suffer due to that. As a mother of a child, I feel terrible to imagine what kind of world our children will live in.”

park jin hee

Park Jin Hee complained, “Canada and the U.S. are groaning in freezing cold weather and heavy snow, while Switzerland recorded 20 degrees Celsius in the winter when it was supposed to snow in their country”. She added, “We can’t delay it any longer. For humanity”.

park jin hee

Spring and its warm weather came to the Korean Peninsula instead of severe cold in mid-January. The same situation happens in Europe. According to observations, Delémont in Switzerland recorded a maximum temperature of 20.2 degrees Celsius on January 2nd (local time), which is the highest temperature in history. Before that, the highest January temperature record in Switzerland was 19.4 degrees Celsius observed in Luzern on January 12, 1993. 

park jin hee

On the contrary, the U.S. and Canada are suffering from cold and heavy snow. Warnings of cold waves have been issued throughout the U.S. as soon as the lowest temperature record fell to minus 39 degrees Celsius last December. In western California, roads were closed and flood warnings were issued due to sudden heavy rain.

Source: wikitree

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