This famous actor’s dog, which was paralyzed, can now walk alone

Bae Jeong Nam, who called his dog, Bell, his “daughter with a disability”, proudly announces her recovery. 

On January 11th, Bae Jeong Nam posted several photos on his Instagram along with the caption, “I’m proud of you, my daughter with a disability. Thank you for being really good”. 

Bae Jeong Nam-dog-bell

The published photos show Bae Jeong Nam’s dog, Bell, who is undergoing rehabilitation after being paralyzed. The appearance of the dog, who can now walk alone with the help of wheels, moved the hearts of many people. Meanwhile, Bae Jeong Nam, who was standing next to Bell, showed an expression of pure happiness. 

Bae Jeong Nam-dog-bell

Seeing this tear-jerking update, netizens posted comments such as “I’m in tears”, “I hope Bell cheers up a little”, and “Bell is such a good girl” under Bae Jeong Nam’s post. 

Previously, Bae Jeong Nam said that Bell underwent surgery last year for general paralysis, which was caused by an acute disc. According to the actor, his “daughter” is now in rehab and can walk alone again. 

On the other hand, Bae Jeong Nam will appear in the upcoming movie “Hero”, where he stars alongside actress Kim Go Eun. 

Source: Nate

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