This detail surprises people of how small Park Min-young’s face is compared to Song Kang

Actress Park Min-young’s appearance in the press conference for the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” held last month attracted the spotlight again.

Park MinyoungSong Kang

Recently, Park Min-young‘s “small head” has caught the attention of netizens. In particular, a video of Park Min-young at the press conference for the JTBC drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” which was held on February 12 last month, is once again going viral.

In the video, Park Min-young’s mask was too big compared to her face, to the point that she had to cross the string, but her face was so small that she seemed uncomfortable with the loose mask. Park Min-young had to check and fix the mask that came down from time to time.

Park MinyoungSong Kang

This video is a month old, but it is going viral again on online communities. Internet users are leaving comments such as, “Wow…How small is her face?” “Song Kang has a small head but hers is even smaller,” and “I’ve never seen a person wearing a mask twisted like that.” 

Meanwhile, Park Min-young is currently appearing on JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather.” In addition, Park Min-young has recently donated 100 million won to the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association to help the neighborhood affected by forest fires such as Uljin and Samcheok, Gyeongsangbuk-do, showing her good influence by participating in a warm-hearted donation procession.

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