This actress wore the uniform of her real high school in her drama

Here is a behind story of actress Kim Go-eun and the drama “Goblin”.

Kim Go-eun played the female lead Ji Eun-tak in tvN’s hit drama “Goblin”. At that time, Kim Go-eun appeared in the drama as a high school student so there were many scenes showing her in high school uniforms.

The school uniform in “Goblin” includes a red and dark blue checkered skirt, a red cardigan, and a dotted ribbon. In fact, this is the uniform of Kaywon High School of Arts, Kim Go-eun’s alma mater. Kaywon High School’s uniform is well-known for being designed by the famous fashion designer André Kim.

Kim Go-eun is now in her 30s. She makes many people envious of her beauty not only in 2016, when she appeared in “Goblin”, but also during her high school days. Kim Go-eun, who graduated from Kaywon High School of Arts in 2010, recently became a hot topic again with her outstanding beauty, which has shown ever since she was in high school. 

She has also been active in both movies and dramas. She is especially loved for her performances in famous works, such as “Cheese in the Trap”, “Goblin”, and “Yumi’s Cells”. 

Kim Go-eun is scheduled to release TVING’s series “Yumi’s Cells Season 2” in June. She will also greet the viewers of the small screen in the second half of this year through “Little Women”.


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