This actress, who is well-known as “Won Bin’s nephew”, makes netizens think she’s mixed-race because of her exotic appearance

Actress Kim Hee-jung, who was named “Won Bin’s nephew” recently attracted attention!

Actress Kim Hee-jung, who was named “Won Bin’s nephew” in her child actress days, recently caught the eyes of netizens with her unique beauty

Born in 1992 in Busan, Kim Hee-jung received keen attention and was well-loved as a child actress in the past.

She starred in the 2000 drama “Tough Guy’s Love” as Won Bin’s nephew. At that time she left such a strong impression on the viewers that many fans of the drama still remember her as “Won Bin’s nephew” until now.

Kim Hee Jung

Kim Hee-jung became more popular in 2002 when she appeared in the kid drama “Magic Kid Ma Soo-ri” as Choi Ye-seul, the girlfriend of the main character Ma Soo-ri.

After that, she stopped working as a child actress and devoted herself to studying. She entered the Department of Theater and Film at Chung-Ang University and continued her college life. Kim Hee-jung later got praised for her perfect transformation into an adult actress and her enthusiastic performances in various works, such as dramas “The King’s Face”, “Hwajung”, “Return”, etc.. 

Moreover, Kim Hee-jung not only showed off her talent in acting but also in music. She was a member of the hip-hop dance crew “PURPLOW” and also joined many dance stages. She also made headlines for her outstanding visual when appearing in the music video for the song “Rendezvous” by Sik-K.

Kim Hee-jung, who is actively communicating with fans through SNS, is attracting attention for her solid body and her ‘foreign’ beauty reminiscent of Hollywood celebrities. Most Korean netizens who see her for the first time might react “She owns a mysterious look just like a mixed-race girl”, “How can her facial features be so distinctive?”, etc. 

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