This actress made everyone laugh by accidentally mentioning her ex-boyfriend during a broadcast 

After bringing up her boyfriend by mistake, Kim Jung Eun got embarrassed. 

In the May 17th broadcast of MBC’s reality TV show “Family Mate”, actress Kim Jung Eun asked her younger sister Kim Jung Min to be her manager of the day. Her sister said with a worried tone, “Celebrity Kim Jung Eun will probably be a lot to take. I should be prepared.” Kim Jung Min then worked as her sister’s manager by doing her makeup, driving her around as well as running coffee errands.

Kim Jung Eun

Before going to the baseball stadium, the two were talking and Kim Jong Eun boasted to her sister, “I threw the first pitch once before.” In response, Kim Jung Min asked, “When?” and Kim Jung Eun jokingly said, “Turns out you don’t care about me.” She went on to reveal, “When I was in full swing. It was the opening game of the Korean Series pro baseball game in 2002.”

Kim Jung Eun

“People usually stand up and throw it like this. But I made a mistake while recreating that pose”, Kim Jong Eun then recalled her mistake when throwing the first pitch 20 years ago. After that, she suddenly brought up her ex-boyfriend, saying, “At the time, my boyfriend loved baseball.” She was talking to her sister so comfortably that she forgot they were recording. 

Kim Jung Eun

Hearing this, Kim Jung Min was startled with her eyes wide open, and even shouted, “Brother-in-law” while Kim Jong Eun got embarrassed and hilariously said, “Oh, I must be crazy”.

Kim Jung Eun

While monitoring the broadcast in the studio, Kim Jung Eun expected the scene where she accidentally mentioned her ex-boyfriend would be edited out, but it wasn’t, so she glared at the production crew and said, “You didn’t remove this part,” making everyone laugh. 

Kim Jung Eun

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