This actress from Seoul National University said veins on her face had burst while focusing on acting

Ok Ja-yeon, born in 1988, is a Korean actress who graduated from the prestigious Seoul University. 

Ok Ja-yeon
The movie “Ashfall”

Actress Ok Ja-yeon, who first met the audience through her role as the EOD team’s only female member, Sergeant Hong in the movie “Ashfall,” made her face and name known to the public after appearing in a series of beloved dramas last year such as “Uncanny Counter”, “Mine” and “The Veil”.

Ok Ja-yeon
OCN’s “Uncanny Counters”

In each of the mentioned three dramas, Ok Ja-yeon played unique roles that were not easy, including the roles of an evil spirit, an adultery woman, and a Chinese informant. She has been strengthening her acting skills in stage play performances since 2012.

Ok Ja-yeon
tvN’s “Mine”

In particular, Ok Ja-yeon has shown a significant performance with Kim Seo-hyung and Lee Bo-young in “Mine”. She said that the scene where she was strangled by actor Lee Hyun-wook in the drama was “the scene where the character’s emotions were strongest.”

Ok Ja-yeon
KBS “Problem Child in House”

She said that Lee Hyun-wook did well with just his gestures so that her throat didn’t hurt, but she was so immersed in her character and focused on acting that her entire face felt like its veins were bursting.

Ok Ja-yeon

Ok Ja-yeon once made headlines as a graduate of Seoul National University. She aimed for law school at Seoul National University with a dream of becoming a lawyer but has had to choose a humanities college due to a slight lack of grades.

Ok Ja-yeon
The stage play “Wandering”

In her third year of college, she became curious about the acting path through a play she saw. She confessed that she would have been an actress even if she had entered law school and that acting was her real vocation.

Ok Ja-yeon
JTBC’s “Witch Physical Fitness Basketball Team”

Ok Ja-yeon recently appeared on JTBC’s “Witch Physical Fitness Basketball Team” and is active as a basketball player. In the tvN drama “Big Mouse,” which is scheduled to air soon, she will return as an actress by playing the role of “Hyun Joo-hee,” a cold and heartless hospital director.

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