This actress died mysteriously at age 32. Film director revealed she was “troubled” 

A director mentioned that a famous actress “had a lot of demons” and was “troubled” before her mysterious death at age 32. 

On December 15th (local time), British news outlet Independent reported an interview with director Alek Keshishian.

In particular, the film director mentioned “Love and Other Disasters”, which he called his “worst experience in filmmaking”, as well as its star – actress Brittany Murphy, who died 3 years after the project.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany was an amazing light, but she had a lot of demons,” the director said, adding, “I was making it in the city I loved, with an amazing crew and an amazing producer, but it was troubled. Because I had a troubled actress in the lead. Iwas protective of her. I considered shutting down the movie, but that would have put 70 crew members out of work. So we carried on. I think that affected me”. 

Brittany Murphy passed away unexpectedly in December 2009 at the age of 32. At that time, the actress suddenly collapsed while taking a shower in the bathroom of her home. She was found by her mother, who rushed her to a nearby hospital, but died two hours later. At the time, police said the causes of death were untreated pneumonia, anemia caused by prescription and over-the-counter medications, including pain relievers and cold medicine, and drug addiction.

depressed woman

However, some have raised suspicions that Brittany Murphy was murdered. Not surprisingly, Brittany Murphy suffered from a drug overdose and over 90 prescriptions and medications were found in her bedroom. Some of these drugs were prescribed under pseudonyms. Most of them were legal drugs such as laryngitis and colds, but the fact that so many drugs were prescribed for common diseases aroused speculations.

Her husband, Simon Monjack, a British film director and screenwriter, was also accused of murder. He met Brittany Murphy in 2006 and married her in April 2007. According to entertainment industry officials, he had a complicated relationship with women. He repeatedly approached women pretending to have a lot of money and broke up with them after extorting their wealth.


He even had two children out of wedlock and was caught trying to silence them before his marriage to Brittany Murphy. In addition, before he met Brittany Murphy, he owed about 600 million won to the bank, and his apartment rent was overdue.

Married life was the worst. After Simon Monjack married Brittany Murphy, he seized her cell phone and managed and controlled her emails. He also dismissed his wife’s former staff, took over all roles, completely isolated the actress, and, above all, strongly opposed the autopsy of the deceased actress.

In response to these suspicions, Simon Monjack explained that he couldn’t bear to let Brittany’s mother see the dissected body of her daughter. However, people suspected that he was aiming for his wife’s money, and was behind her death over drug overdose. 

Simon Monjack

5 months after the death of Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack was also found dead of pneumonia in the same house. This time, it was Brittany Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, that emerged as a strong murder suspect.

It is known that Sharon Murphy continued to live with her son-in-law after her daughter’s death, and a prescription drug named Sharon Monjack, not Sharon Murphy, was found. In addition, Sharon Murphy also strongly opposed the autopsy on her daughter.

These lead to speculations that Sharon Murphy murdered her daughter after having an inappropriate relationship with her son-in-law, but later killed Simon Monjack in anger when discovering that all the jewelry his son-in-law gave her was fake.

Simon Monjack

In 2013, 4 years after Brittany Murphy’s death, her father Angelo Bertolotti, obtained a hair sample of the deceased after a court battle and requested a detailed analysis. Here, a huge amount of heavy metals was discovered in the hair. 

Regarding this, Sharon Murphy explained, “Angelo Bercoloni has not had any contact with his daughter since our divorce and did not attend her funeral. He’s trying to frame me for my daughter’s money”

It was later revealed via a laboratory test that the heavy metal found in the hair appears to be due to frequent dyeing and hairspray use.

brittany murphy

On the other hand, after selling the house she lived with Brittany Murphy for millions of USD in 2016, Sharon Murphy received criticism from the public for unreasonable behaviors, such as selling clothes and passports used by her daughter on an auction site.

To this day, the mystery surrounding Brittany Murphy’s death remains unsolved.

Source: wikitree, Independent 

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