Unlike his smart image, “this actor” was so bad at studying during his school days

Although he looks smart and intellectual, he ranked 52nd among 54 students in class. That student started acting in high school and is now a great actor. Let’s find out who he is!

Actor Um Ki Joon went to watch Cho Yong Pil’s concert.

On November 27th, Um Ki Joon released two photos on his personal Instagram along with a caption, “It was a really happy time to be at the 2022 Cho Yong Pil & the Great Birth concert“.

um ki joon

The released photo did not show Um Ki Joon’s face, but it contained a concert ticket and a photo of the concert site. In the concert site photo, countless people were filling the concert hall as the audience was excited to see the king who returned after more than four years.

Actress Seo Hyo Rim commented in Um Ki Joon’s post, “Did you see my mother-in-law? I heard she went to the concert,” making netizens laugh.

um ki joon

Korean netizens excitingly reacted to his post, saying, “You went to the King’s concert,” “I miss you,” “I think it’ll be an even happier time if you show me your face. At least a shadow. Hope you went home safely,” “You must have had a very happy weekend,” “Don’t catch a cold in this cold weather and take care of your health.”

Um Ki Joon debuted as a theater actor through the play “Richard III” in 1995. In 1996, he started carrying out activities with an ensemble for the musical “Oliver!”.

um ki joon

Um Ki Joon, who had dreamed of becoming an actor since he was a high school student, appeared as an assistant in the 1992 drama “Our Heaven” starring Jang Dong Gun. After graduating from high school, he became a member of a theater.

Acting enthusiastically in plays and musicals since his childhood, Um Ki Joon gained fans after participating in the 2001 play “Singin’ in the Rain”. His diverse acting skills that changed according to his character’s emotions and appearance impressed many viewers.

um ki joon

Um Ki Joon is known for his intelligent image because he has sharp eyes and often wears glasses. Surprisingly, he was actually not good at studying during his school days.

Appearing on a broadcast in the past, Um Ki Joon recalled, “When I was in high school, I ranked 52nd out of 54 students”, adding “The other two were members of the school athletic club. It was when I hated everything in this world”.

um ki joon

Meanwhile, Um Ki Joon has been active as a musical actor for 20 years. He also gained recognition for his impressive performances in dramas, such as “Kimchi Cheese Smile”, “Dream High”, “Phantom”, “The Virus”, “Innocent Defendant”, “Penthouse”, and “Little Women”.

suzy um ki joon

Source: News Ade

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