This 193cm tall male idol almost got kidnapped near Garosu-gil, “A white-haired old man approached me…”

Park Seo Ham once shocked fans with his pre-debut story.

Some people quickly become superstars after meeting works that match their images. Park Seo Ham, a former member of the boy group KNK, also enjoyed his heyday after making his acting debut in the BL web drama “Semantic Error” in February.

Therefore, past videos and photos of Park Seo Ham are being re-examined among fans who recently fell in love with his soft and dandy charms.

park seo ham

In particular, Internet users are paying keen attention to the story of Park Seo Ham almost getting kidnapped near Garosu-gil when he was a trainee.

In the past, Park Seo Ham turned on a V LIVE broadcast and communicated with fans. He said, “I think it was right before my debut. Our practice ended very late at night”, revealing the situation just before the ‘kipnapping’ incident.

Park Seo Ham

He continued, “As a trainee, I was really worried because our debut kept being delayed. So I called an older brother who is really close to me and was consulting with him”.

The actor said, “I was on the phone while going along an alley. Suddenly, a car passed by and stopped in front of me”, adding “An old man with white hair got off and asked me, ‘Did you just take a taxi?’”.

Park Seo Ham

According to Park Seo Ham, the old man kept approaching him and asking if he had taken a taxi. Having a bad feeling, Park Seo Ham quickly walked out of the alley to get rid of the situation. 

He confessed, “However, that old man suddenly followed me. He grabbed my arm tightly and tried to do this. Shocked by the situation, I shook his hand off and ran away to our dorm”.

Park Seo Ham

Park Seo Ham continued, “The brother whom I called kept asking ‘What’s wrong?’, and I just ran all the way to my dorm. I was a little scared back then”.

Knowing the story of Park Seo Ham, a strong man who is 193cm tall, almost had a bad experience in the middle of Seoul, netizens reacted, “This world is so scary”, “We shouldn’t go out late at night”, “Was that old man trying to commit the crime we’re thinking of?”, etc.

Park Seo Ham

Meanwhile, Park Seo Ham was born in 1993. He debuted as a member of KNK in 2016 but left the group in September of last year. 

Park Seo Ham enlisted in March and is currently serving in the military as a public service worker. 

Source: Insight

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