“Thirty Nine” cast talked about their drama – Hyun Bin must be jealous knowing Son Ye-jin confessed “Kim Seon-woo is the dream of many women”

Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun shared stories about JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty Nine”.

Thirty Nine” fascinated the viewers with the happy daily life moments of 3 friends, Cha Mi-jo (Son Ye-jin), Jung Chan-young (Jeon Mi-do) and Jang Joo-hee (Kim Ji-hyun), but also made people cry due to the news of Jung Chan-young’s ‘time-limited’ life.

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In particular, Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun, who have completely immersed themselves in their characters, are attracting enthusiastic reactions from the audiences for their natural acting and strong chemistry. Therefore, attention is also focused on how the three prepared for “Thirty Nine” and what this work means to them.

Thirty Nine cast

In the JTALK video released on February 23rd, “Thirty Nine” actresses introduced the characters by themselves and told various memories of when they were filming the drama. Especially, the three actresses raised their thumbs together when talking about acting and their chemistry. Showing off their teamwork with perfect synchronization, they revealed the secret behind their real chemistry.

Thirty Nine cast

Moreover, they also expressed their thoughts about the love stories of their characters. Son Ye-jin talked about Cha Mi-jo and Kim Seon-woo (Yeon Woo-jin), who are having a romantic relationship in the drama. “To Mi-jo, Seon-woo’s existence is like the light”, she explained. This is because Cha Mi-jo, who doesn’t care much about love, feels the excitement after meeting Kim Seon-woo. Moreover, Kim Seon-woo is also the one who stands by her when she is suffering the most difficult time after knowing her friend’s pain. Son Ye-jin said, “The character Kim Seon-woo is the dream of many women”, making the viewers look forward to more romance developments in the drama.

On the other hand, the three actresses also revealed how they felt during the filming of “Thirty Nine”. Jeon Mi-do said, “I filmed the drama last December with the thought that ‘I have only one month left in my life’”. Playing Jung Chan-young who has a time-limited life, Jeon Mi-do also lived her daily life outside the filming site immersing in her character. She said, “The way I look at the time was changed. I also thought a lot about death”, recalling meaningful experiences. Jeon Mi-do then confessed, “After spending 4-5 months thinking about death, I found out the most important thing to me is the people I love”. She also delivered the warm news that she has recently been meeting many people actively.

Thirty Nine cast

Kim Ji-hyun expressed her extraordinary affection, “I felt a lot while filming. Thinking about Mi-jo and Chan-young, thinking about old buddies made my heart flutter at every moment.” Then she answered “The most important thing in life is the people around you after all”, indicating that she also deeply sympathized with the story of the three friends.

Thirty Nine cast

In addition, Son Ye-jin revealed key points to watch for in episodes 3 and 4, saying, “I’m very frustrated after learning about Chan-young’s illness, but I’m trying hard to make this time happy and valuable because there’s not much time left to spend with my beloved friend.” Jeon Mi-do raised expectations, “It would be fun if you look carefully at the three friends’ attitude and perspective of accepting that their lives are time-limited, and how they plan and spend that time in the future.”

Thirty Nine cast

Lastly, the interview ended with Kim Ji-hyun‘s greeting, “‘Thirty Nine’ is a drama that has emotions, laughter, tears and everything. It is a good drama that makes you think a lot and look back on the precious things around you. I worked hard on it, so please give it lots of love.”

The third episode of “Thirty Nine” will air at 10:30 PM on Feb 23rd.

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