These 3 K-drama actors once stole our hearts with famous second lead roles but their careers now flop 

Even worse, one of them got kicked out of the industry. 

1. Kim Hyun Joong

Starring in the hit Boys Over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong was one of the first K-drama second-lead syndrome characters that we are all in love with. Playing the handsome, warm, and soft Ji Hoo sunbae of F4, Kim Hyun Joong immediately shot to fame. After the success of Boys Over Flowers, he landed leading roles in Playful Kiss, Inspiring Generation,…

However, the controversy over domestic abuse towards his ex-girlfriend ruined his career. In the second half of 2014, Kim Hyun Joong was accused of physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend to the point of miscarriage.  From a well-loved actor, he turned into a violent man in the eyes of many people and was blacklisted by brands and the public. Kim Hyun Joong was later vindicated but it was too late for him to bounce back.

Kim Hyun Joong

He tried to return to the entertainment industry, but his comeback works have not been well received. In particular, the drama When Time Stopped recorded extremely low ratings of 0.1%. Along with his declining career, Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance is also said to be downgraded. Many netizens claim they don’t even recognize him now. Earlier this year, he announced his marriage to a non-celebrity girlfriend. 

2. Ji Soo

Once dubbed the “nation’s second male lead”, Ji Soo rose to stardom thanks to his charming portrayal of various second lead roles. After making his acting debut in 2009, with a masculine appearance that exudes a warm aura, Ji Soo left an impression by continuing to play the guy who can’t win the female lead’s heart in famous dramas such as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Cheer Up!, Page Turner,… 

But as soon as Ji Soo had his first male lead role in River Where the Moon Rises, acting alongside Kim So Hyun, his scandalous past put an end to his career that was on the rise. In early 2021, he was accused of bullying former classmates, secretly filming videos of his ex-girlfriend, even having sexual intercourse when he was underaged, etc. Having his misdeeds exposed, Ji Soo was completely boycotted. The public demanded him to retire and never appear on TV ever again. 

3. Park Hae Jin

Debuting in 2006, Park Hae Jin became a familiar face to the audience through his supporting and second lead roles in successful dramas such as East of Eden, My Daughter Seo Young, Doctor Stranger, My Love From The Star

Thanks to his handsome appearance and good acting, Park Hae Jin has captured the hearts of a large number of viewers. However, Park Hae Jin doesn’t seem to have much luck when it comes to leading roles. Dramas like Cheese In The Trap, Four Sons, Man To Man, in which he played the male lead, all failed to hit big. His recent drama Forest also flopped and came under negative reviews for its cheesy plot. This makes the viewers feel sorry for Park Hae Jin because with his talent and beauty, he deserves to achieve more success as the leading man of K-dramas. 

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