“There’s a way to catch if an idol is dating or not, just look for this when they return to Korea from abroad”

Broadcaster Park So-hyun has revealed how to catch up on idols’ secret relationships.

KBS2’s “Problem Childs in the House,” which aired on Feb 15th, featured APink, a girl group that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

On this day, the production team asked, “Park So-hyun, a self-proclaimed idol fan, said she had a way to catch if idols are dating or not. When an idol returns to Korea through the airport, it is said that if you look closely at this, you can predict whether they are currently in a relationship. What could it be?”.

The answer was to check the brands of the shopping bags that that idol carries when they enter the country from the airport.

Problem Childs in the House

The production team explained, Park So-hyun said, ‘If an idol enters Korea with a shopping bag of a brand that they don’t usually wear or doesn’t match them, you need to doubt whether there is a relationship between the two when another idol comes out as a radio guest wearing that specific brand’s clothes.'”

The cast couldn’t hide their surprise. Kim Yong-man said, “That’s accurate,” and Jung Eun-ji responded, “I think this is really reasonable.”


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