“There is actually a moment where Lee Jun-ho kissed Lee Se-young’s body during the bed scene in ‘The Red Sleeve’”

Actor Lee Se-young unraveled the behind-the-scenes stories from MBC’s “The Red Sleeve,” including the bed scene. 

On Dec 4th, Lee Se-young joined an ending interview for MBC’s “The Red Sleeve.”

Earlier, on a radio program, Lee Se-young has forewarned the audience about a 19-rated romantic bed scene between her and Lee Jun-ho. However, in the actual broadcast, viewers were disappointed with the mild scene. In response, Lee Se-young explained, “I told the audience beforehand for greater expectations and attention.”

the red sleeve

The actor said, “According to the original script, the bed scene was described to be Lee San (Lee Jun-ho) kissing the letter ‘Ming’ on the back of Deok-im (Lee Se-young)’s shoulder. Deok-im was supposed to reveal a little part of her skin”, adding, “However, the director said the scene was filmed beautifully enough without that detail, so she decided to remove the part. I’m satisfied with the final result, but I think fans were a bit disappointed.”

When Lee Se-young was asked about the chemistry with her co-star Jun-ho, she gave many compliments about him, saying, “The reason why ‘My House’ Jun-ho is so famous seems to be his sexy and manly charms. Although King Jeong-jo Lee San played by Jun-ho has a fatal charisma, I think the way he is so serious, sincere, and hard-working has doubled his charm. He’s a very attractive actor. It would be nice if we could meet each other again in a drama about modern times. We have also made a promise.”

the red sleeve

“The Red Sleeve” started with a 5.7% rating and ended with 17.4%. When asked how she felt about achieving her target viewership ratings of 15%, Lee Se-young said, “It’s like a dream. I’m so grateful and happy.” As for the New Year’s plan, the actor shared that wanted to be able to “eat well, work well, and rest well.” She added, “Even though they’re the most basic, I couldn’t try my best to do these three things last year. I want to become a perfect and healthy person myself.”

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