The unexpected past of this “Single’s Inferno” cast member is drawing attention

The surprising past of Ahn Ye-won, who starred in “Single’s Inferno”, has been brought up and become a hot topic.

Ahn Ye-won appeared in Netflix’s recently ended entertainment show “Single’s Inferno”. She received attention in the show with her easy-going and bright personality.

Ahn Ye-won

Unlike other participants who had many different stories, she formed a loveline with Kim Joon-sik from the beginning of the show. In addition, she mainly played the role of a person who listened to other cast members’ stories and comforted them. Thanks to this, she was able to avoid negative public opinion and anti-fan problems. She became the final couple with Kim Joon-sik and successfully escaped from hell.

Ahn Ye-won

Recently, footage of Ahn Ye-won’s appearance in an old entertainment broadcast drew attention again on online communities. 

Ahn Ye-won appeared as participant No.6 in Mnet’s entertainment show “I Can See Your Voice 4” – Hwang Chi-yeul Special, which aired in 2017.

Ahn Ye-won

On the broadcast, Hwang Chi-yeul said, “Her appearance really suits the job of a bikini model”, and thought Ahn Ye-won was tone-deaf. On the stage in which the truth was revealed, Ahn Ye-won sang Davichi’s song “Don’t Say Goodbye” passionately. Her identity was revealed to be a 23-year-old tone-deaf bikini model.

After the performance, Ahn Ye-won introduced herself, saying, “I’m Ahn Ye-won, a 23-year-old tone-deaf bikini model from Busan”. She also confessed the reason for her appearance on the show, saying, “I have many talents. My dad to me to become a celebrity, but since I couldn’t come out on other shows, I took this opportunity.”

Ahn Ye-won was born in 1995 and is 29 years old this year. She is doing various jobs, such as working as a fitness model, fitness trainer, and also a Pilates instructor.

Ahn Ye-won


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