The Ulsan District Court’s decision on Han So-hee’s mother’s debts, “There is no reason for Han So-hee to pay the debts”

“Han So-hee has nothing in relation to the fraud” (Ulsan District Court)

Han So-hee

Mrs.S, the mother of actress Han So-hee, borrowed money from her acquaintance A in 2019. And Han So-hee was put forward as a joint surety. However, Mrs.S could not pay off her debts in time. Should Han So-hee take responsibility for the debts instead?

The Ulsan District Court refused to accept A‘s claim in the appeal trial held in December last year. A filed a lawsuit and insisted, “Han So-hee should be jointly responsible for the debt of her mother Mrs.S”.

In the first trial, the Ulsan District Court also rejected A’s claim. They said in favor of Han So-hee, “A insisted on Han So-hee’s joint responsibility, but there is no reason for the actress to take responsibility for the fraud because it proceeded with nothing in relation to Han So-hee”.

Han So-hee

In 2020, A requested Han So-hee to pay off the debt on behalf of her mother. A civil lawsuit was pushed ahead with compensation for damages of late payment added to the amount of 40 million won that Mrs. S borrowed. 

In fact, S took advantage of Han So-hee’s text messages in the process of borrowing money. The text message that Han So-hee sent her mother, “Mom, I will work hard and help you”, was used as collateral.

The court was determined with their decision. According to reports from Dispatch, the court ruling in both the first and second trials was “Han So-hee has nothing in relation to the fraud. There is no evidence to prove that she was involved in the case”.

Han So-hee

The court continued to explain, “Han So-hee’s text message only suggests her willingness to help her mother pay off the existing debts”, adding, “It cannot be accepted as a promise to grant the representative right as a joint surety”.

Mrs.S opened a bank account under Han So-hee’s name without the actress’ knowing and borrowed money from another acquaintance. 

Acquaintance B filed a lawsuit against Han So-hee, asking her to pay 270 million won and compensation for delayed payment.

han so hee

The Ulsan District Court also dismissed B’s claim. They said, “The fact that S used Han So-hee’s account does not mean Han So-hee is jointly responsible for the debt”.

Han So-hee’s mother continued to be in debt. Creditors looked for Han So-hee when her mother did not pay back the money she borrowed properly. Some creditors even reported maliciously when they filed lawsuits.

Han So-hee initially tried to pay off her mother’s debts. However, she then faced a situation in which her text message and bank account were misused as collateral. It has reached the level that the actress cannot handle by herself.

Han So-hee decided to break the link between her and her mother’s debts. She stated, “I will not take responsibility for my mother’s debts”, adding, “To the victims, I’m sorry. I hope things like this will not happen again”.


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