The toned abs of female Kpop idols under JYP are drawing huge attention

It seems that JYP female idols are pros at self-management, always flaunting their tiny waist and toned abs. 

In addition to musical talents, the beauty and figure of female idols are always hot topics that many audiences are interested in. Of course, female idols under JYP Entertainment are no exception, with many of them making fans restless, not only for their perfect talent, but also for their jaw-dropping waistlines.

After returning to the K-pop music race at the beginning of 2023, TWICE impressed the audience with the stunning beauty and body of each member. In particular, most of the girls have been wearing crop tops combined with jeans, fully showing off their tiny waist. 

TWICE Chaeyeon

Chaeyoung makes fans admire her extremely slim waistline.

TWICE sana

Sana confidently shows off her toned and enviable 11-shaped abs.

TWICE sana

The Japanese beauty also emphasizes her waist with a belly chain

Though mostly choosing dynamic and simple fashion styles, TWICE members draw huge admiration with their well-proportioned bodies. Many times, the girl group reveal their waistlines and eye-catching hip lines. 

twice Momo

Momo shows off her waist and eye-catching hip line while recording for a music show.


Tzuyu’s body also draw great admiration

Also under JYP, ITZY members also do not fall behind when it comes to perfect bodies. In particular, the girls often wear outfits that are distinctive, dynamic but no less seductive. Among them, Yuna has shown off her waistline and unreal hip line through low-waist jeans and crop tops. 

itzy yuna instagram

Yuna flaunts her impressive waistline in low-waist jeans

itzy ryujin

Ryujin also enthusiastically shows off her tiny waist.

As the youngest group under JYP Entertainment, NMIXX proves that their beauty and body are not inferior to their older sisters in the company. Among them, Sullyoon and Lily are increasingly being noticed for their beauty. The two girls are often styled in crop tops or waist-revealing items to fully show off their figures.

Sullyoon’s latest photo is showered in praises for her unreal waistline.

Meanwhile, Lily’s beauty and body can also be considered “perfection”

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