The scene in which a junior group was pointed out as “one rank below” by their juniors in “Queendom 2” is causing controversy

The voting scene in “Queendom 2” received mixed reactions from the viewers.

The broadcast of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on April 7th, revealed the final results of the first round competition for 6 groups, Hyolyn, WJSN, Kep1er, VIVIZ, Brave Girls, and LOONA. LOONA couldn’t go on the stage as several members were confirmed to have Covid-19 ahead of the competition.

In Queendom‘s self-evaluation conducted that day, each group had to choose a group that was “one rank above” and “one rank below” them.

VIVIZ picked WJSN as the team one rank below them. WJSN chose Kep1er as one rank below, while Hyolyn, Kep1er and Brave Girls chose VIVIZ as their lower team.

Queendom 2-

9 members of Kep1er, the youngest group which made their debut earlier this year, altogether picked VIVIZ. Kep1er pointed to VIVZ and apologized, “We’re so sorry”. Leader Yu-jin explained, “When I first saw the first performance (VIVIZ’s stage). I thought they were so good, but I choose them because I think the one of Hyolyn sunbaenim was so cool”.

Queendom 2-

In response to Kep1er’s pick, VIVIZ’s SinB said, “We didn’t know how the next performers did but I thought we were at a lower rank. I don’t know if there is an excuse for this but first, I just thought ‘Oh I see’”.

After receiving consecutive “one rank below” votes, VIVZ members could not hide their cold expressions. SinB expressed her displeasure, saying, “I felt really bad. I only thought ‘Us? Why?’. If I say something more, I would only be slandered”.

Queendom 2-

In the rankings of the first round after combining self-evaluation and global evaluations scores, Brave Girls ranked fifth, VIVIZ fourth, Kep1er third, WJSN ranked second and Hyolyn first.

After the broadcast, the viewers argued over the scenes of the voting process. In particular, the scene in which Kep1er members unanimously picked VIVIZ and screamed out of surprise was criticized.

Queendom 2-

Netizens commented, “I’m a fan of all groups but I felt so bad about it”, “Why did they pick VIVIZ unanimously?”, “Using Hyolyn as an excuse made it harder for me to understand their excuse”, “If they voted altogether, shouldn’t they at least tell the reason?”, “Why did they shout? It was like a joke seeing GFRIEND (VIVIZ’s former group) being treated like this?”

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