The rumor that Bi Rain has a third child with Kim Tae Hee has become a hot topic

Bi Rain’s statement made people surprised when the truth was revealed.

Last night, Bi Rain made people excited with an announcement on Instagram: “Tomorrow I will announce a special thing at 12pm”. This announcement of the male singer born in 1982 made fans excited. There were some people who thought that his wife – Kim Tae Hee is pregnant with her third child. By the afternoon of October 20, people were anxiously waiting for this news, and immediately Bi Rain appeared on the top search of Naver and a series of other major newspapers with the keyword “The third child of Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee”. 


But the truth finally surprised netizens. It turned out that it was not the news about this couple’s third child. Rain actually introduced the first actress under his agency – Rain Company. This young actress’s name is Oh Ye Joo. She is 17 years old this year. The article that denied the rumor about Kim Tae Hee’s third child also climbed to No.1 Naver and be one of the hottest news all day. 

This news disappointed fans of Bi Rain – Kim Tae Hee because the actress was not pregnant as they thought. Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in early 2017. They already have 2 daughters. The famous couple had their first daughter in October 2017 and their second daughter in September 2019.

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