“The Red Sleeve” surpasses Song Hye-kyo’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up” rating to rank No.1 in viewership of dramas at the same broadcasting time

“The Red Sleeve” finally beat out Song Hye-kyo’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up”!

A Friday-Saturday drama beat famous actor Song Hye-kyo’s drama “Now We, Are Breaking Up” to earn the highest rating among dramas at the same broadcasting time.

now we are breaking up

That is MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Red Sleeve”. “The Red Sleeve” has recently gone viral among TV viewers and eventually topped the rating chart for dramas at the same broadcasting time.

the red sleeve

According to results of Nielsen Korea’s rating survey on November 27th, episode 5 of “The Red Sleeve”, which aired on November 26th, ranked No.1 in the viewership chart of dramas at its same broadcasting time with a nationwide rating of 8.8% and an average rating of 8.1% in the metropolitan area. In addition, “The Red Sleeve” also recorded the highest rating of 10.2% during its broadcast.SBS’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, another Friday-Saturday drama in competition, recorded a viewership of 7% on the same day.“

the red sleeve rating
the red sleeve now we are breaking up rating

The Red Sleeve” is a drama that depicts the sad romance of a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen and the king who prioritizes his country. Telling the story of King Jeongjo – Lee San and Uibin Seong, “The Red Sleeve” is receiving praises from viewers for showing performance of the ‘writer-director-actor combination, such as actors’ chemistry and passionate acting, well-written script, and sensuous directing.

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