The recent status of this actress who melted Lee Seung Gi with her cuteness

This actress, who stole Lee Seung Gi’s heart with her loveliness, is still flourishing in her career

Actress Moon Chae Won has decided to appear as the female lead in SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Law Money” (working title), which will be aired in 2023. 

Here, the actress will transform into the elite judicial officer Park Jun Kyung, who has passed the bar exam with flying colors and graduated at the top of the training center. 

moon chae won

Park Jun Kyung is a person who has won two awards at the bar exam and the training center, but she chose to become a prosecutor, refusing a love call from a large law firm. 

After her mother’s mysterious death, she enlists in the military to find out the truth, take revenge and become a judge.

“Law Money”, which introduces a thrilling revenge journey, is a collaboration between writer Kim Won Seok, who wrote “The Queen’s Classroom”, and “Descendants of the Sun”, and director Lee Won Tae, who boasted strong directing skills in the movies “The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil” and “Man of Will”.

moon chae won

Alongside Moon Chae Won, actor Lee Seon Gyun has been confirmed to appear as the male lead, assuming the role of Eun Yong – a hermit money trader who is the owner of a global private equity fund and head of investment.

Talking about her new project, Moon Chae Won said, “It’s an interesting challenge for me personally to be part of ‘Law Money’. “

At the same time, the actress also expressed her determination for change, saying, “I hope ‘Law Money’ will be interesting to viewers because it is a new genre and character that I never tried before.”

moon chae won

With this casting confirmation, “Law Money” will become Moon Chae Won’s first comeback to the small screen in 3 years, since the tvN series “Flower of Evil”.

In 2021, the actress ended her contract with Namoo Actors and transferred to YNK Entertainment, making this her first drama after joining a new agency.

Previously in 2007, Moon Chae Won debuted with the sitcom “Mackerel Run”, where she gained popularity with a unique innocent appearance and natural image. 

After showing off her elegant visuals in hanbok in the SBS drama “Painter of the Wind”, Moon Chae Won made her name known to the public by reaching a viewership rating of 40% with SBS’s “Brilliant Legacy”, where she starred alongside Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi.

The actor then continuously proved her acting skills and established herself as a trust-worthy actress via various notable projects, such as “The Princess’ Man”, “The Innocent Man”, and “Good Doctor”. 

Moon Chae Won also appeared on variety shows often, and once went viral through a 2015 episode of “Running Man”, where she smiled with aegyo and stole Lee Seung Gi’s heart with the line, “Hey! Give it to me.” 

At that time, Lee Seung Gi seemed to collapse helplessly at Moon Chae Won’s cute gesture. Viewers who saw the scene also admired, “Is there anyone who doesn’t fall for that face?”

moon chae won

After 6 years, Moon Chae Won appeared on the SBS TV program “My Little Old Boy”, and gave Seo Jang Hoon a lot of laughs by re-enacting this viral scene, saying, “Hey! Give me a building.”

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