The reason why “My Liberation Notes” Lee Min Ki is still single at the age of 37 

Lee Min Ki once shared his honest thoughts on love and relationships in an interview. 

Lee Min Ki is garnering attention for his role as the middle Yeom sibling in the ongoing buzzworthy slice-of-life drama “My Liberation Notes”. Known for his good acting, handsome appearance, and cold, charismatic aura, the 1985-born actor has continued to leave a good impression on the audience. Before “My Liberation Notes”, he received much love for playing the lead in dramas such as “Because This Is My First Life”, “The Beauty Inside”, “Oh! Master”,… 


Lee Min Ki has acted alongside plenty of famous and beautiful actresses over the years such as Uhm Jung Hwa, Ha Ji Won, Son Ye Jin, Jung So Min, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Ji Won… Off the screen, he likes to keep his private life a low profile. At the age of 37, the actor is assumed to be not dating anyone. 


In a 2019 interview after the success of “The Beauty Inside”, Lee Min Ki told Elle that he found it difficult to have a deep relationship. He said, “As it is increasingly difficult to meet people and get to know each other deeply, I learn more from the roles I take on, because my characters and I share the same concerns. When I meet a person at work that is better than me, it makes me think, ‘I would not be able to say the same if it were me’. I think I’m getting mature little by little.”


Love and work are two important things to Lee Min Ki. He said that he wanted to experience the feelings of love more, whatever or whoever he is in love with, because it makes him feel warmer. He also added that his plan was to work non-stop. Lee Min Ki wants every drama role he takes on is better than his previous one. Perhaps focusing on his career is one of the reasons why he still chooses to be single. 


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