The reason why BTS Jimin changed his Instagram profile picture to Chairman Bang Si-hyuk

BTS Jimin made a surprise transformation into HYBE’s Chairman Bang Si-hyuk on April Fool’s Day.

BTS JiminBang Sihyuk

At dawn on April 1st, April Fool’s Day, BTS Jimin changed his Instagram profile picture to a picture of Chairman Bang Si-hyuk smiling brightly.

In the introduction, he wrote “BTS’ Dad”, giving fans joy with his extraordinary sense of humor.

It was even more surprising to hear that he was playing April Fool’s Day pranks in time for KST as he is currently in the United States because of the Grammy Awards and concert schedule.

BTS JiminBang Sihyuk
BTS JiminBang Sihyuk

Although he is in another country, his heart full of love for fans stood out.

Jin also caused laughter by changing his Instagram profile picture to a character from his favorite game League of Legends.

Fans showed reactions such as “As expected, he’s full of sense”, “He’s really cute”…


In the past, Jimin made people laugh by revealing dating rumors between Jin and RM on BTS‘ official Twitter account on April Fool’s Day.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold a solo concert in Las Vegas for a total of 4 days from April 8th to 9th, and from April 15th to 16th.

On April 16th, the last day of the concert, online streaming will be held simultaneously to meet fans around the world.

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