“The Rap Of China” apologizes for using the diamond image which contains EXO’s logo: “This is a third-party’s fault”

“The Rap Of China” finally issued an apology

Recently, “The Rap Of China” has been caught in suspicion of copying after posting pictures of diamonds that are decorated exactly the same as the logo of the Korean group EXO for the album “Love Shot”.

Responding to this controversy, the production team of “The Rap Of China” removed all previously posted images and apologized, saying: “The program side entrusts a third party to design these images. The third-party did not notice the similarities that make the final product similar to the original.

They then added, “We will quickly revise the design, and also want to apologize to the original’s designer, EXO, and the fans. We will take this as a lesson to strengthening internal training. From now on, nothing like this will happen again.

Meanwhile, The Rap of China is a Chinese rap competition show produced by iQiyi. Notably, the first seasons of the show were carried out in the form of three groups of producers, including former EXO member – Kris Wu.

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